Boxing News 2023: Canelo Alvarez undisputed decision win vs Jermell Charlo, Tim Tszyu crowned champi
  • 6 months ago
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Tim Tszyu from a Utralia is officially a boxing world champion after Jell Charlo's entering the ring against Canelo Alvarez, that is, WBO was removed from the title of super weight. WBO decided that Charlo would be introduced as an undisputed champion against Canelo Alvarez, and then robbed because he did not fight before his loss on Sunday. The struggle between Charlo and Canelo was invoiced as a super fight and resulted in an undisputed decision victory on the Mexican superstar, who threw his loud -mouthed American opponent. “Nobody can beat Canelo, Al Alvarez said after Charlo thoroughly dominated Charlo to protect the United Super Middle Fuck Championship. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez from Mexico punches with Jelll Charlo during the super medium weight championships in T-Mobile Arena in Nevada on 30 September 2023. So we are fighting 12 rounds. Alvarez won with 119-108, 118-109 and 118-109 points. Charlo, United Young Middle weight champion, raised two classes of weight to get Alvarez. "I just felt that I wasn't there, Charlo said," I don't excuse myself, so it is. I take my fists and rolled with him. " I was heavy like 172 or 173 pounds this morning. "I will be a grandfather in this regard. Tim Tszyu is officially a world champion after Jell Charlo entered the ring against Canelo Alvarez . He thought that his performance against Charlo was a measurement bar about whether Alvarez could re -create a part of his previous spell. There is no doubt that he could do it anymore, but the question is whether the Warrior -born warrior can continue him. Then it is unclear who fought. WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman declared that David Benavidez would be a compulsory challenge for the super medium weight belt. However, Alvarez, 26 -year -old Benavidez did not commit to confront.