Bali hot tub pic of Zachary Rolfe and Ben Roberts-Smith sparks police review

5 months ago
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The police examines social media photo published by a Queensland police officer who shows that Roberts-Smith and Zachary Rolfe enjoyed themselves in bathtub in Bali. Mr. Rolfe commented on photo “Only a few policeers and war criminals in the sun in afternoon.” The photo was taken at the Finns Beach Club in Bali and recently released on Instagram by a Queensland police officer. The picture has now wandered beyond the followers of the account. On social media, a photo of Ben Roberts-Smith and Zachary Rolfe emerged. A person issued a dark joke about men's last court wars. Rolfe, a former northern region police officer, was not found guilty of the of the local man Kummanjayi Walker in March. After series newspapers accused him being war criminal, long insult court war balance possibilities that Mr. Roberts-Smith was criminal partner in the four unarmed prisoners Afghanistan. Roberts-Smith, the most fancy veteran of Australia, has always rejected injustice and launched an objection. A account called “Zaccourtier ,, which looks like Rolfe's special page, commented on picture“ Only a few polices and war criminals in the sun in sun. ” Guardian, Queensland Police Service is aware of task and will investigate the return of officer to return to work. QPS guidelines hold officials responsible for their duties and emphasize that there is no such thing as a really special social media post. It is forbidden for civil servants to engage in online activities that will make the service discredited or weaken their stance. Mr. Rolfe did not answer his questions about whether Guardian was a person commenting in the photo. During insulting case of Mr. Roberts-Smith, Rolfe's mother Debbie said that the couple met court in a Canberra store in 2011. He said the couple was connected because Mr. Rolfe recently joined the army. Mr. Roberts-Smith lost his case of insulting against the newspapers accusing him of being a “war criminal”. “In particular, I was very kind and helpful against Zach, and I acted as a mentor to him,” he said. Mr. Roberts-Smith's legal dramas continued, Australian Federal Police and War Crimes Investrators were accessed on the allegations of violating the rules of participation in Afghanistan. The slander case brought by Mr. Robers-Smith focused on six articles by Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Canberra Times. Anthony Besanko, the Federal Court justice, decided that some s against Mr. Roberts-Smith were significantly true and rejected the case. The case is thought to be more than $ 25 million in legal wages. Mr. Roberts-Smith objected to the justice decision to be heard for two weeks in February.