THE HAUNTING OF HELL HOLE MINE Official Trailer (2023) Horror

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The late Tom Sizemore and Tom Lister Jr star alongside Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland in the highly anticipated release of THE HAUNTING OF HELL HOLE MINE. THE HAUNTING OF HELL HOLE MIN is Coming to Digital Platforms in the U.S, May 18, 2023.

Inside a long-abandoned gold mine, lurks the Shakani, a dark supernatural being conjured by the Shanowah tribe ages ago to defeat their enemies. Not only ferocious and fast, but can appear as anyone and get inside your mind. Luke’s ancestors trapped it in the mine but each has also gone crazy. Now Luke’s niece Poni, has come down with “the family curse.” But Luke believes with the proper medical treatment she can be healed if only he can get the money to pay for it. So with a couple friends he tries his luck at the gold mine but gradually realizes he must defeat the Shakani and end the family curse.

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