UFOs Extraterrestrial Drones

  • 10 months ago
You don't want to miss this episode of "The Dave Emmons Strange Reality Show." My guest is Dr. Robert Shiepe, and he has fantastic videos on this show that he is displaying. This is the first part of two segments. The show was recorded on 9-12-23. I have to thank Ron Johnson for referring my guest, Dr. Shiepe. Dr. Robert has been researching UFOs/UAPs for forty years. He has filmed countless unexplained events, which he is sharing with all of us. Dr. Robert filmed all these anomalies in Southern California at Marina Del Rey. He is the first to find out about the "dragons," as he named them. They are extraterrestrial drones that are spying on our world. They also escort UFOs onto our planet. Dr. Robert has also filmed videos himself and collected some phenomenal videos of UFO craft filmed by others. He will show us an actual video of a wormhole and a UFO craft coming out of it. They are called dragons by him because they resemble dragonflies. They are small, tiny drones that fly at least two thousand miles per hour. That is the reason why you cannot see them. The Police, Military, intelligence community, and the Fire Department have been investigating this phenomenon. This is a follow-up show from two weeks ago. I'm sorry ahead of time for the technical difficulties. Episode two will be released in the next day or so.
Dr. Robert Shiepe is a Pharmacist doctor. He uses his research skills to investigate this strange activity. He says these tiny craft are all over the globe. Dr. Robert is also an inventor of the first mail-order prescription service he assembled in the eighties. He went on to invent two more inventions during his career before he retired early. There have been documentaries and TV shows that displayed Dr. Robert's investigative work. He lectures the Air Force about his findings and these strange "dragons. Skinwalker Ranch TV show has seen these dragons in recent years. Dr. Robert has film evidence dating back to 2015. Great show! This is a more in-depth showing of Dr. Robert's video captures.