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Preview Presents: Defying Gravity | Julia Barretto | PREVIEW

#JuliaBarretto’s craft in acting, her business, the slices of her personal life that she can readily show the world—they’re fragments of a story in progress, a story that she has been writing herself.

Read the full cover story in our link in bio. #PreviewLovesJulia #PreviewXJulia #PreviewBall2023

Produced and Styled by The Preview Team
Creative Director: @bacsarcebal
Movement Director: Madge Reyes of Fifth Wall Philippines
Editor-in-Chief: Marj Ramos-Clemente
Production: Kat Cabral and Jamie Briones
Fashion Direction: Marj Ramos-Clemente, Reg Rodriguez, Isha Fojas
Dancers: Nicole Barroso, Ysabel Bernardo, Olivia Bugayong, Dani Kleiner, Clarise Miranda and Jemima Reyes of Ballet Philippines
Makeup: Denise Ochoa assisted by Janice Perdigon
Hairstyling: Bee Buangan
Nails: Mimi Luxury Nails
Set and Production Design: Rocket Sets
Story: Kat Cabral
Social Media: Jamie Briones
Shoot Location: Baked Studios
Special thanks to Ballet Philippines
Music: Glacier by Patrick Patrikios
Polymetric Juggling by DivKid
Clairvoyance (Original Mix) by HMWL Premiere El Mundo & Zazou

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