Kanye West Speaks Out the THREAT to his CHILD from the Kardashians and KIM

5 months ago
Kim and Kanye are at each other's throats again! Since their love turned sour, these two have basically fought over everything. Today it is whether or not North should be on social media (clip), tomorrow, it is over Kim's opinion over Kanye's continuous controversial statements (picture, tweet), then they are fighting over the weird men Kim keeps dating and bringing around their kids. (video)

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Yes, we know. We know exactly what you are going to ask. Ain't these two like over each other and minding their business already? To be honest, that is what we thought, but it is clearly not the case because someone has refused to move on. (clip 01:12) and now that she knows Kanye is getting more serious with his new lady love. Kim is losing her mind!

So a few months ago, we discovered that Kanye West got married to Bianca Censori in a private ceremony. The whole detail about the union is sort of sketchy, and we really couldn't confirm if it was true until Bianca said it with her own mouth.

Kanye's new leading lady confirmed her marriage in this viral clip. But the big question is, how long have they known each other? Where did she come from? Did she like fall from the sky or something? Apparently, the two have known each other long before they became a couple.

But where? The thing is, Bianca works as an architectural designer for Yeezy and helps Kanye make a lot of design decisions for his shoe brand, almost like how Kim used to help him with a lot of business decisions back in the days. Bianca is also a model from Australia but now lives somewhere in Los Angeles and constantly moves cities with Kanye.

Funny enough, Bianca isn't the first woman Kanye would be dating since he ended things with Kim, but somehow, this is the one that has got her all worked up. Kim is sort of shocked that Kanye's relationship with Bianca is getting stronger, and she is not ready for how much it would change things.

Plus, with the big news coming from them soon, Kim is very much in dismay. Another interesting thing is that Kim is not just upset that Kanye is married, she herself has had a long streak of failed marriages, so she isn't really bothered Kanye is married. What is making Kim upset at the moment is that her then-husband is about to expand his family with Bianca by welcoming a child