FYRE RISES Teaser Trailer (2023) UK Action Crime Movie [Exclusive]

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We're delighted to present an exclusive release of the stunning teaser trailer for 'FYRE RISES,' a UK crime-action film directed by Paul Knight. Credits: Music: Shell Ghost by @soundridemusic

Starring: Paul Marlon, Aaron Sidwell, Jake Canuso, Rickey Grover, Tina Barnes, Charlene Aldridge, Marc Bannerman, Harriet Thorpe, Dan Richardson, Alana Wallace, Cynthia Rothrock, Eric Roberts.

Tagline: Some flames can never be extinguished.

Logline: After 15 years of escaping his violent past, Richard Fyre is dragged back into action by the zealous crime lord, Priest, causing his past, present, and future to collide.

Debt-ridden pacifist Richard Fyre faces a moral dilemma when the flamboyant zealot, Priest, propositions him to return to his old mercenary ways in exchange for a clean slate. Standing at a crossroads, Richard must confront his fears of becoming the monster he once was and transform into the man he needs to be—before his indecision brings dire repercussions for his family.

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