3 months ago

Buffalo Bills' fans SUPER ECSTATIC upon finding the gender of rainbow baby

Well, it looks like the Buffalo Bills can finally acquire a prospect who can lead them to their first Super Bowl... but it might take a couple of decades!

Watch with delight as a wholesome couple, both of whom are big supporters of the Bills, shares an intimate gender reveal for their rainbow baby.

"My husband (Tom) and I had been trying to get pregnant since shortly after we got married," the mom-to-be, Jenna Brick, shared with WooGlobe. "I suffered two early pregnancy losses, but finally, I got pregnant with our rainbow baby.

"It hasn’t been an easy pregnancy due to bleeding from a subchorionic hematoma. However, the baby is healthy. This is us finding out the gender at 13 weeks."

As if Tom's electric reaction following the reveal wasn't proof enough, this lovely couple is super excited about welcoming the newest member of the Bills Mafia in January 2024!
Location: Niagara Falls, US
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