Juice's Death: Famous Ukrainian fighter pilot 'Juice' dies in tragic mid-air crash I Oneindia News

  • 9 months ago
The Ukrainian Air Force has said that three Ukrainian pilots, including a well-known pilot who went by the call sign “Juice,” have died in a plane crash. The incident occurred on Friday, August 25, about 140 kilometers west of Kyiv. The crews of two L-39 combat trainer aircraft collided in the sky while performing a combat mission, according to the Air Force. The Air Force expressed condolences to the families of the deceased, saying that “this is a painful and irreparable loss for all of us.” Reports say that the crash was “most likely” related to formation flying. The standard distance between planes during dogfight exercises is 50-70 metres but sometimes planes flew practically on top of each other at a distance of just 3-4 metres.

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