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ABC Phonics Song - CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

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Hello kids welcome to a new video. In this video we understand English language alphabets.And we uploaded alphabet point song.

A is for Apple, a, a, a, Apple
B is for Banana, b, b, b, Banana
C is for Cake, c, c, c, Cake
D is for Duck, d, d, d, Duck
E is for Elephant, e, e, e, Elephant
F is for Fish, f, f, f, Fish
G is for Guitar, g, g, g, Guitar
H is for Hat, h, h, h, Hat
I is for Igloo, i, i, i, Igloo
J is for Juice, j, j, j, Juice
K is for Kitten, k, k, k, Kitten
L is for Lemon, l, l, l, Lemon
M is for Mittens, m, m, m, Mittens
N is for Nest, n, n, n, Nest
O is for Orange, o, o, o, Orange
P is for Pig, p, p, p, Pig
Q is for Queen, q, q, q, Queen
R is for Ring, r, r, r, Ring
S is for Socks, s, s, s, Socks
T is for Teddy Bear, t, t, t, Teddy Bear
U is for Umbrella, u, u, u, Umbrella
V is for Vegetables, v, v, v, Vegetables
W is for Wolf, w, w, w, Wolf
X is for X-ray, x, x, x, X-ray
Y is for Yoyo, y, y, y, Yoyo
Z is for Zipper, z, z, z, Zipper
I love my ABC Phonics Song
I want to sing it all day long

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