4 months ago

Creepy spider's 3am doorbell ring leaves couple terrified

A couple got a rude awakening when a SPIDER rang their doorbell - at 3am.

John Wood, 35, and wife Rebecca, also 35, were on holiday in the Lake District when their home Ring doorbell was activated.

Baffled as to who would be outside at that time, John checked the footage - and was confronted by an eight-legged visitor.

Eerie footage shows the critter clambering over the device.

And John said: “We were on holiday and we got an alert saying there was a person at the door.

“It was the middle of the night at 3am, we were in bed. We wondered who was trying to get in the house while we were away on holiday.

“Then we saw that spider crawl across – it was like an alien or something.

“My wife saw it first, she was terrified and panicked and doesn’t want to go home. We've got a little boy who thought it was an alien in the house."

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