Boy tells mom to get her 'A## in the pool' after she urges him to swim in freezing cold water.

  • last year
Comedic footage has surfaced, which proves that kids never let a good opportunity slide away.

"I put my son (Camden) in the pool because he had been begging to go in all day," the filmer, Amanda DeVitis, told WooGlobe. "It was super cold and he immediately wanted to get out, so my sister (Dana) helped him out."

Once he got out, Amanda insisted that he go back in, which the youngling flatly refused in a hilarious manner.

"Dana told him to tell me to 'get her a## in there,' and he repeated her," the filmer added. "All was in good fun!"
Location: Wixom, USA
WooGlobe Ref : WGA749815
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