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My brother is very busy these days as it is the corn harvest time. And he also makes me busy as he normally brings up a basket full of corns home because he would like to taste various types of corn delicacies thanks to his ever loving sister!!!. This time I voluntarily brought a corn basket home by self without waiting him to do so. My personal experience as a traditional home-cook, is that tender corn with fresh and milky taste gives an extraordinary evolution of tastes to the palette when combined with any taste of the culinary world! So instead of the usual boiled way of eating, I got this novel idea of trying out different tastes to go with these tender corns. One of my favorite ways of eating this versatile vegetable is to cook them on the charcoal grill and it’s such a beautiful experience to eat them with a mixture of chili powder, curry powder, mustard powder and lime juice. Trust me you will love the combination of these fresh tastes.

This time we have a guest as he has come to help my Brother for corn harvesting. Since Lahiru Malli loves to eat corn burnt under charcoal, I started to grill 4 corns under the hot charcoal. Lahiru malli is my brother’s closest and best friend, and he is the son of uncle Siriwardena. The taste buds will go on a joy ride of yum tastes when enjoying the grilled tender corn mixed with bird chillis (kochi) and butter. Grandmothers favorite is the very young and tender corn, so I first boiled few tender ones for grandmother!

I thought of trying a dessert with a twist to make a difference. First I ground boiled tender corns and soaked rice together into a paste and then added sugar, coconut milk and some dried currants. Of course what else is there to give this dessert that twist by placing the mixture on a corn leaf and rolled it and boiled them. Everyone enjoyed it. Meanwhile silently brother had also made another tasty treat while I put the corn pockets for steaming. This is one of my Aunts favorite dishes that she makes at her home. In fact this yummy treat can be used as an every day snack. Its corn and green peas fried with chickpea flour and corn flour coat. Absolutely yum with their crunchiness in every bite. Their taste got really enhanced after mixing some fried garlic and sprinkled with cumin powder. Well at the end all the green peas which Ive kept to cook the cashew nut curry for dinner was vanished. As usual my brother had taken and fried those peas for his crunchy corn dish!

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