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9 More Women Sue Bill Cosby for Sexual Assault

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9 More Women Sue Bill Cosby , for Sexual Assault.
A new lawsuit alleging sexual assault
was brought against Cosby on June 14
in Nevada, 'The Guardian' reports.
The suit comes weeks after
Gov. Joe Lombardo signed a "lookback law" eliminating a two-year statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases to be filed. .
The nine women involved allege that Cosby "used his enormous power, fame and prestige, and claimed interest in helping them and/or their careers, as a pretense to isolate and sexually assault them.".
The women claim that "they were drugged and assaulted" by the disgraced actor between 1979 and 1992 in Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe, 'The Guardian' reports. .
To date, over 60 women have accused
the 85-year-old of sexual abuse. .
Cosby continuously denies the allegations.
Judges and lawmakers are consistently allowing these civil suits to flood their dockets – knowing that these women are not fighting for victims but for their addiction to massive amounts of media attention and greed, Andrew Wyatt, Bill Cosby's publicist, via statement.
We will not continue to allow these women to parade various accounts of an alleged allegation against Mr. Cosby any more without vetting them in the court of public opinion and inside of the courtroom, Andrew Wyatt, Bill Cosby's publicist, via statement.
Cosby "was convicted on three counts of aggravated indecent assault" in 2018, 'The Guardian' reports.
He was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison
but was let out in 2021 after the conviction
was overturned due to prosecutors breaking an
agreement which didn't allow charges to stand
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