Byzantium (2012) Full Slasher Film explained in Hindi || Byzantium Review | New Hollywood Movie || Horror movies

  • 11 months ago
Byzantium (2012) Full Slasher Film explained in Hindi || Byzantium Review | New Hollywood Movie || Horror movies

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All I knew going into "Byzantium" was that it marks director Neil Jordan's return to the genre he and novelist Anne Rice helped make viable for Hollywood studios almost twenty years ago, with "Interview with the Vampire." This was not an enticement. I find the entertainment industry's ongoing vampire gold rush, and pop culture's fascination with sexualized gore in general, to be insipid, boring and ghoulish in a trivial way that's unique to folks who haven't experienced much real violence or loss: goth slumber party. What a pleasure it was, then, to be won over by this exquisite, lovely film, in which contemporary characters struggle to suspend their disbelief in vampire lore while Jordan's eye for formal beauty and truthful performances suspends ours. There is a very true moment in David O. Russell's film "The Fighter" where Amy Adams is trying to stay angry and distrustful of her pathetic junkie brother-in-law Christian Bale but her heart can't help but reach out to him when he pleads sincerely for understanding. Noticing some cake icing smeared on his forearm, she says, "What's that blue shit on your arm?" with irritation melting into concern. That's how this bluesy vampire melodrama "Byzantium" worked on me.

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