Moment truck stuck on railroad crossing gets smashed to pieces by oncoming train

  • last year
A truck stuck on a railroad crossing was smashed to pieces after it was hit by an oncoming train.

The trailer of the truck got lodged on the railroad crossing in Wingate, North Carolina, USA on June 8.

Local news reported this to be the third collision on the level crossing this year.

The video was captioned: "Another Train hitting a truck in Wingate.

"This is eventually going to cause a derailment.

"Something needs to be done now."

A spokesperson for the Union County Sheriff's Department said: "Just after five o’clock this afternoon, a locomotive collided with a commercial motor vehicle (semi-truck) that was stuck on the railroad tracks on North Main Street in Wingate.

"The truck was not carrying any hazardous materials and the driver was able to exit the truck prior to the collision.

"Thankfully, no injuries have been reported at this time."

In January of this year, two semi-trucks got hit by an oncoming train within a week.

The reason for this type of vehicle getting stuck is the grade on the tracks being too high.

Local authorities have proposed a plan to fix the issue in an effort to prevent train crashes.