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Travel Etiquette Tips For Your Upcoming Summer Trips

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Wibbitz Top Stories
Travel Etiquette Tips, For Your Upcoming, Summer Trips.
Summer is here and air travel is back in swing.
These travel etiquette tips are sure bets to win major karma points and keep your summer travels smooth.
1, Be mindful of your reclining.
Check out what is happening behind you before you recline your seat.
2, Keep an eye on your kids' mess.
Make sure to plan ahead to mitigate the possibility of your child leaving behind a major mess.
3, Keep it simple with
the overhead bins.
Sliding a bag to a side is fine, but don't take someone's bag out to make room for your own.
4, Keep your FaceTime conversations one-sided.
Using headphones is a common courtesy for social media, music and videos, as well. .
5, Disciplining other
people’s kids is a no-no.
Addressing the parent or guardian of a disruptive child with a smile is the way to go.
6, The armrest rule of thumb.
Remember that the person who has to sit in the middle gets both armrests as a comfort