3 months ago

Ferrari 499P hybrid powertrain - how ERS and 4WD work

If a racing car’s engine is what most excites enthusiasts, the hybrid powertrain of the Ferrari 499P, the Prancing Horse’s Le Mans Hypercar, is no exception. The Prancing Horse’s Le Mans Hypercar uses innovative technologies to extract the best performance from the combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric unit, the latter on the front axle. This allows the Hypercar to benefit from four-wheel drive in the situations specified in the FIA World Endurance Championship regulations.
The Internal Combustion Engine on the rear axle and the Energy Recovery System are two “souls” that enable the 499P to deliver a total maximum power output of around 700 horsepower (515 kW), within the regulatory limits.
In the Le Mans Hypercar, the electric unit, when braking, works as an alternative to or with the front brake discs to slow down the 499P, while when accelerating, ERS’s major benefit is the ability to activate 4WD.