5 months ago

After WWE Backlash 2023 Went Off Air...Brock Lesnar Cut Was Real...HHH Likes AEW...Wrestling News

Biggest WWE News stories and Rumors

Topics Discussed In this Video:
0:00 Intro
0:43 Is Drew Mcintyre Leaving WWE?
1:32 Top WWE star turning heel?
2:10 What Happened After Backlash Went Off The Air?
3:10 When Will Bad Bunny Wrestle Again?
3:56 WWE Icon Discusses Potential Dream Match
4:58 SummerSlam Doing MEGA Business For WWE
5:29 Triple H ‘Likes’ Tweet Relating to AEW
6:05 WWE Legend Turns Down WWE Return
6:44 Former WWE Manager Tells Star to Leave
7:42 Eric Bischoff Goes Off On Tony Khan

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