Calming Rain For Sleep 30 Minutes in Forest Ambience | Rain Sounds For Sleeping Black Screen

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Calming Rain For Sleep 30 Minutes in Forest Ambience | Rain Sounds For Sleeping Black Screen

Hi, thanks for watching our video about Rain Sounds!
In this video we’ll walk you through:
- Rain Sounds For Sleeping
- Black Screen Rain
- How To Sleep Fast

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Rain produces pink noise and cancels out other background noises that produce frequencies that can negatively affect your sleep. Your brain is responsible for picking out threatening and non-threatening sounds. listening to rain sounds is good for you. The benefits include: Better sleep quality. Lowers blood pressure. Beat Insomnia and make you fall asleep easier in 5 – 10 minutes

The consistency of rainfall makes its sound soothing. “Our minds become accustomed to the rhythmic pitter-patter quickly,” she adds. “It's not too loud and doesn't come with any big aural surprises – both things we know our brains are sympathetic to.

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