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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 13 English Subtitles HD| Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı 13. Bölüm

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Barbaros Hayreddin Synopsis:
Isaac (Titken Dickensler) is the oldest and works as a potter as if he were his father. He trades and prefers to live in peace, away from danger. He lives on Middle Island with his wife and two children. Uruk (Engin Altan Doziatan) is the second oldest of the Barbarossa brothers. Defying his older brother, he follows his passion for the sea. He would be a brave, daring, charismatic, and intelligent successful sailor. Oruc’s passion for the sea also makes it difficult for him to satisfy his wife Despina (Gulkan Arslan).

Hizir (Ulas Tuna Astepe), on the other hand, abandons his passion for the sea and becomes a merchant. His older brother Isaac wants his brothers to settle down in Medele and have a normal life. Since his two brothers (Uruk and Elias) become sailors, Hazir can do nothing but do what his older brother wishes. Despite becoming a merchant, he did not give up his passion for the sea.

After spending a lot of time away from home commerce, Hizir finally returns to Midilli where his older brother lives. He couldn’t resist stepping into chaos. After a long while he finally met his teacher who was searching for a secret key to the divine book. To find this secret key and protect the divine book from enemies, Hizir travels to the island of Kalimnos. There he meets the beautiful doctor Zainab (Meles Babadag), a young Muslim girl. Meanwhile, Oruc and Ilyas go into disarray and unfortunately get new enemies. Antoine (Devrim Evin) becomes one of the Barbarossa brothers’ greatest enemies after his brother is murdered by Uruk Reis.

Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean (Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kilici) The story of TV series revolves around the story of four brothers who turned the Mediterranean Sea into a Turkish Sea. Will Oruc Reis become a famous seafarer? Will Hizir Reis resist his passion for the sea and continue working as a merchant?

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