Cheapest Pizza In Karachi | 100 Rupees Pizza | Karachi Street Food | Street Food Of Karachi Pakistan

  • last year
Pizza is one of the most famous street food from all around the world and if you live in Karachi, Pakistan so this video is specially for you because in my eyes this is the most cheapest pizza in karachi with reasonable taste in terms of pricing their pizza is so delicious and tasty that you'll surely going to love this pizza.

This shop named Charcoal Pizza which is located in Korangi no.4 near zaman town karachi is selling handmade pizza which is cooked on charcoal in front of your eyes which not only unique in cooking they also have great taste because they cooked pizza in charcoal.

And you'll surely going to amaze because they are selling their pizza in very low pricing and their small pizza cost just 100 rupees which is too reasonable nowadays for pizza lover.

So if you love pizza and want to eat in in just 100 rupees pizza so you have to visit this small shop to try and don't forget to share you experience with us in comment section and do subscribe us for more street food videos.

Pricing : 100 Rupees Small Pizza
$ 0.80

Location : Korangi No.4 near zaman town.





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