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FTC Wants to Make It Easier to Cancel Subscriptions

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FTC Wants to Make It Easier , to Cancel Subscriptions.
CBS News reports that the process of canceling subscriptions is one of the top complaints that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) receives. .
As a result, the FTC wants to implement a new rule that would force businesses to make it easier to cancel a subscription.
For example, if you subscribed to something online, you would be able to unsubscribe just as easily online without having to call customer service.
The "click to cancel" provision, if enacted, would fine companies in violation $50,000.
The idea here is pretty simple. Companies shouldn't be able to manipulate consumers into paying for subscriptions they don't want, Lina Khan, FTC chair, via statement.
This unfortunately is a semi-universal experience
for consumers, Lina Khan, FTC chair, via statement.
The FTC would also help to recover customers' money that they spent on unwanted subscriptions.
The proposal must first go through an open comment period, among other things, but the FTC
is confident it can move forward with the rule.
We are just doing our job, to protect consumers from unfair practices. We think we are
firm legal ground. , Lina Khan, FTC chair, via statement