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2023.03.21 - Salotto Bianco - Hanyu is bigger than Figure Skating (ENG/JPN/CHN/RUS subs)

Thanks to Massimiliano for giving me his permission to cut, edit, sub, and upload the part about Hanyu here on my channel.
Here is the original video:

- Japanese translation by Nymphea
(her blog entry: http://bit.ly/3JBmJy9 )
- English translation by members of the "Yuzuru Hanyu - Italian FB Fan Group" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/yuzuruhanyuitalian)
-Chinese translation by Emanuela (https://twitter.com/Ema022002)
-Russian translation and subtitles by "Yuzuru Hanyu ≡ hope and legacy of figure skating"
(VK: https://vk.com/yuzus_hearts)
- Cut, edit and subtitles by me.


I do not own this, copyright belongs to its original producer.
Please do not re-upload or edit without permission.
If anyone wants to use or share my videos, please ask me first and put the link to the source.
Thanks for watching!

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