9 months ago

Bradford Goalkeeper Confuses Rugby Pitch Markings for Own Penalty Area in 1-1 Draw vs Newport County

Harry Lewis was caught out by rugby pitch markings during Bradford's 1-1 draw to Newport County on Saturday as he caught the ball several meters outside of his penalty area.

It was a moment to forget for the 25-year-old, who was confused by the faded lines that had been used by the Dragons rugby union team - who share the same stadium at Rodney Parade.

However, shot-stopper Lewis, who joined the Bantams on a free transfer from Southampton last summer, was incredibly not awarded a red card for handling the ball outside his area.

Newport players were left furious as they waved their hands in the air - though the referee appeared to see some sympathy for the goalkeeper's lapse of concentration.

With a long ball coming over the top of his defense, and a Newport attacker approaching, the goalkeeper had to react, but seemed to mistake a faded 22-yard line with his penalty area, opting to catch the ball and throw it out wide to another Bradford defender.

Picking up the ball outside the penalty area - as was seen with fellow shot-stopper Nick Pope - who handled the ball outside of the box in Newcastle's recent loss to Liverpool - the offense tends to carry the sanction of a red card.

But in this circumstance, Lewis was only awarded a yellow card, with Newport's official Twitter account in uproar at the decision, writing: 'Unbelievable.

'Bradford keeper Harry Lewis catches long ball miles out of his goal and only gets a yellow for it.'

The away side would infuriate their hosts even more soon after, with Andy Cook slotting his 23rd goal of the season to give Bradford the lead going into halftime.

Newport hit back in the second half, with Liam Ridehalgh tapping in over Harry Lewis, to halve the points and stall the Bantam's bid of obtaining an automatic promotion berth.

Fans joined the Newport Twitter account expressing their distaste at the decision, with one claiming: 'That’s the worst decision I’ve ever seen a ref give in a game live.'

Another disagreed with the Tweet saying: 'Not unbelievable at all. Only a red card if it denies an obvious goalscoring opportunity.'

For Newport, the result means they stay 18th in League Two, having not won in their last four league appearances.