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ASMR] eye treatment animation | eye pimple | ASMR Satisfying Juicy Pimple Extraction #asmr #viral

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[ASMR] eye treatment animation | eye pimple |ASMR Satisfying Juicy Pimple Extraction #asmr #viral #viralvideo #asmrvideo #satisfyingasmr #asmrsound #asmrsound #asmrsound

Today animation is acne removal, after long months of lockdown this beautiful girl suffers from maskne (acne behind mask), she doesn't feel confident showing her face without mask. Let's squeeze her pimple dry.

DISCLAIMER: Every procedure done in this video is highly inaccurate, it made for entertainment purpose only. Please contact your dermatologist to get the right treatment. Don't pop your pimple open because it can cause scarring.

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