4K HDR Dolby Vision Video - Mighty Mountain Grand Waterfall - Relaxing Nature in the Pacific Northwest - Daily Reprieve

  • last year
This video is the Proxy+M HDR version from Dolby Vision for mobile devices and desktop monitor viewing. Enjoy MOODYA HDR Nature Videos on Any & All Screen Devices

Introducing MOODYA's new (ProxySpectrum HDR) These HDR videos are 100% filmed on 4K HDR cameras and have been processed through our ProxySpectrum process that makes it possible to enjoy HDR video on any screen.

"Proxy+TV" designates best for streaming to a Television. "Proxy+M" designates that the video is best for viewing on mobile screens and desktop monitor screens.

Description: In this all new 4K HDR Proxy+M nature video you will be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of a huge waterfall in the high mountains of the Pacific Northwest with a 100 foot drop off as the afternoon sun lights up the bright white roaring falls and the grand towering cliffs. Shot in Dolby Vision HDR.


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