3 months ago

Responsible angler shows ZERO FEAR while helping 11-foot Sawfish get back into water

The SpongeBob invasion might be upon us, because why else would we get an appearance from Incidental 201 out of the (deep) blue (sea)?

This engaging video features Matthew Summers showing absolutely no fear while helping a sizeable Incidental 201 i.e. a Sawfish, return to its natural habitat.

Despite facing resistance early on, Matthew refuses to leave the carpenter shark gasping for breath on the shore. And eventually, he succeeds in his mission and watches the fish swim back to safety.

"Caught this one on hand line; took nearly an hour to bring to the shore," the subject told WooGlobe. "It was an 11-foot Sawfish - a very rare catch & release experience."
Location: Port Hedland, Australia
WooGlobe Ref : WGA103848
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