2023 Toyota Prius Limited Exterior Design in Blue

  • last year
The Toyota Prius enters the 2023 model year as a completely transformed model. With a sleek new exterior design, a reimagined interior, and an amped up hybrid powertrain, this new Prius is built for style, performance, and efficiency. It’s the hybrid reborn - without compromise.

Designed to capture drivers’ hearts at first glance, the all-new Prius sends a message with its new form. Its sleek silhouette, low roofline, smooth body panels, and widened rear are proportionally balanced by standard 19-inch wheels. Its interior features a clean, modern design combined with high tech displays for futuristic look and feel. Altogether, it’s a progressive, sporty new Prius, that’s designed to inspire the senses.

Under the hood the 2023 Prius also shakes things up, with a larger 2.0L engine and a revised hybrid system that brings over 60% more combined system horsepower, with 196 net hp (up from 121 hp). Maximum engine torque for this generation climbs nearly 16%, up from 120 to 139 lb.-ft. on all models. Torque on electric motor generator two, which drives the front wheels and regenerates the battery during braking, also increases by over 20% - climbing from 120 to 152 lb.-ft.

Prius makes its power gains while keeping it lean at the pump. Despite being more powerful, the new 2023 Prius remains as fuel efficient as the previous all-wheel drive model, with a NRCan combined fuel consumption of 4.8 L/100 km. The AWD system also receives power upgrades, with 50 % more torque in the rear motor, moving from 41 to 62 lb.-ft., and 40 horsepower (previously 7 hp).