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Mum defends ““too revealing” outfits she wears on school run - despite regular abuse

A mum has defended her “inappropriate” and “too revealing” outfits she wears on the school run - despite regular abuse.

Charlie Hayes, 22, has amassed more than 100,000 followers on TikTok, where she shows off her colourful, alternative outfits

Despite her huge following, she has faced a stream of abuse both online and in person.

Tik Tok users have called her clothing “inappropriate” and “too revealing”, while others even accused her of being a bad mum.

A recent ensemble led one TikTok user to say: "Is it normal to flash your a*** at other parents and kids?"

Another said: "That skirt is far too short for the school run".

The same outfit - a black top and tights with boots and a purple mini-skirt – even prompted a motorist driving past her to shout "you look disgusting".

However, Charlie hasn’t let the abuse stop her. She said: "People think I'm a bad mum because I don't fit the mould of a typical mum.

"But the more people tell me to tone it down the more I go against it. I like winding people up with the way I look."

Charlie has described her look as “camp” and “theatrical” and isn’t going to let critics change how she dresses.

Shockingly, the four-year-old’s hair once incited a woman to scream at the mum in a Burger King.

Charlie does worries about Jasper being bullied for his locks but so far he hasn't faced any mean comments from fellow pupils.

The mum "does [her] best to let him express himself" but tries to push him towards "normal kids stuff" to protect him.

Despite getting a few double-takes on the school run, Charlie says the parents and staff at Jasper's school have been nothing but nice to her.

Charlie believes the source of the hate is the expectation for women to "fit into a box of the typical mum" after having children.

While other children tell Charlie that they love her clothes, she is worried that as her son gets older, he will be on the receiving end of abuse due to her crazy style.

But she feels that "having embarrassing parents growing up is sort of a rite of passage".

She added: "People are much more accepting nowadays and will continue to get more accepting, so I don’t think the way I dress will be so controversial as he approaches his teens.

"Anyway, maybe I won't still dress like this then - but I highly doubt that!"

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