8 months ago

Ducky Bhai Vs Sham Idrees Avengers Endgame Animated Parody. #DuckyBhai #SharumKiSketchbook #PakistaniAnimation

sharum ki sketchbook
What if the Ducky Bhai vs Sham Idrees fight was an Avengers Movie? Well here is a brief concept of Ducky Bhai Vs Sham Idrees Endgame. Before watching this video, its better you guys first have an idea about all the Sham Idrees vs Ducky Bhai fight. If you are a fan of Raza Samo from awesamo speaks, Mooroo, Shahmeer Abbas, Zaid Ali T, Shaveer Jafry, Ducky bhai or Sham Idrees, this is definitely a video you shouldn't miss out!

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#DuckyBhai #SharumKiSketchbook #PakistaniAnimation

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