528hz- Attract Love- Raise Positive Vibrations-Relax Mind Body-Healing Music

  • last year
This 528 Hz release is a release to raise super positive vibrations and energy in yourself and your home. This is a healing music release to purify/cleanse/ you heal yourself from negativity, anxiety, and traumas. Music tuned like this can help with deep energy cleanse of your soul, mind, body, and spirit. Music tuned in 528 Hz can help you boost or better your mood. It's when we have our body tuned into positivity that changes and evolvement of our body, soul, mind, and spirit can happen. Miracle-tuned frequency music can be used for sleeping, healing, doing yoga, meditating, and relaxation. Tuned music can help us connect with our inner selves. Our inner/higher self is our conscious mind. So raising our vibration to connect with our higher self will help us radiate positive energies.