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Half of Brits are considering a career change: Here's the latest advice for those hoping to try something new

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2022 saw the workplace trends of ‘the great resignation’ and ‘quiet quitting’ come to the forefront as Brits started to put their wellbeing and happiness first. And it turns out 2023 is set to be no different with career freedom and flexibility still high on people’s agenda, and the desire to ‘be your own boss’.

In fact, new research from AA Driving School has found that half of the nations’ workers are considering a career change – either to achieve a better work life balance (56%), be paid more (54%) or to pursue a passion (42%) – with more than one in five (21%) looking to put the wheels in motion within the next six months.

A further third (28%) also want to become their own boss to achieve greater freedom. With many perks to new career paths, more than two-thirds (67%) have admitted that the cost-of-living crisis is a driving force for this change, alongside the prospect of earning more (67%), and a new challenge would be good for their mental health (38%).

But the biggest question is what job can tick off all these desires?

Interestingly, it’s something more than half (55%) of us have done to help a friend or family member, yet as a profession it’s often overlooked – and that is becoming a driving instructor – a role which lets you plan your work around your life and puts you in the driving seat when it comes to managing your business.