Stunning drone footage captures a huge pod of Dolphins off the coast of Florida

  • last year
An amateur drone photographer captured this mesmerising footage as a huge pod of dolphins frolicked off the coast of Florida.

Local restaurant owner Paul Dabill, 48, filmed approximately 50 dolphins cavorting in the crystal clear water off the coast of Jupiter.

Paul said: "I was scanning the ocean with my drone looking for life to film.

"I was lucky to spot the pod. I spent about 30 minutes filming them."

Bottlenose dolphins are regular visitors to the coast near Jupiter, but are usually seen in smaller groups.

Paul added: "I've seen pods of bottlenose dolphins before, but this one was special because it was so large.

"Most pods in the area are much smaller with less than 15 or so.

"Some of the juvenile dolphins were playing with bits of sargassum seaweed. They were frolicking in the water and appeared to be having a great time."

The dolphins are even seen playing games and chasing one another in the water.

Local charity The Taras Oceanographic Foundation has been studying dolphins in this part of the world for 20 years.

They have found that some of the animals have created lifelong friendships.