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7-year-old entrepreneur sets up DIY dustbin collection business so he can buy himself a dirt bike

A budding entrepreneur who is 'obsessed with being an adult' has set up his own business returning dustbins to his neighbours, so he could buy himself a dirt bike.

Liam Roller, seven, has been labouring since December last year to set up 'Liam's Dumpsta Service' returning his neighbours' dustbins after the dustbin men come.

In just a few weeks, little Liam has found 11 customers in his neighbourhood, who pay him $1-2 per bin and he's now making approximately $15 a week.

Liam's business has been so successful that he was able to buy his dirt bike for $280 within six weeks and he's now saving for pocket money. 

Mum Angela Roller, 33, said: "He is very particular and type A. He likes routine, predictability and responsibility.

"He is obsessed with being an adult and he sees us running our own business. So he is proud to own his own business like mom and dad."

Angela, who owns a fitness business, said Liam decided he wanted to earn some money by pulling back trash cans after Christmas.

Liam came up with the idea after he saw a family friend doing the same.

She helped him make a flyer and posted it to the neighborhood's Facebook page.

The little boy, from Bentonville, Arkansas, USA, now spends 15 to 20 minutes on Fridays returning his neighbours' bins.

Angela added: "Liam likes to spend Friday nights at his grandparent so he had to learn the lesson of work comes first and he can't go over there until his job is done.

"It took some adjusting but he has handled it well and loves doing his job!

"He knows now that if he spends the night, his job has to get done first and he loves the responsibility of it.

"We are teaching him about saving and tithing, but he can buy what he wants with the rest!

"He is much more frugal with his own money than he is with mom and dads.

"He is so much more hesitant to spend money than he has ever been - when it's his money, he doesn't like that and hasn't bought much with it!"
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