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The Ultimate Bodyweight Abs Workout | Men'sHealth

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The Ultimate Bodyweight Abs Workout

Build abs of steel in laser-fast time with a core blast by Tom Kemp. The MH Elite coach has a session for you that will strengthen every millimetre of your midsection in just 4 rounds. Watch Tom run through the movements, follow his advice for proper form and then follow along with him as you do the work together.

The Workout
4 Rounds / 1 Minute Rest

1. Hollow Rock Hold x 30 Seconds
Start lying on your back and push your back into the floor. Lift your legs off the floor and take your arms straight overhead. Hold the position and adjust the leg height to suit your ability.
2. V Ups x 5
Begin lying on the floor with your arms straight overhead. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs so that your can touch your toes. To regress this exercise, bend the legs.
3. Hollow Rocks x 10
Take the hollow arc position previously completed, but on this occasion use momentum to rock the body back and forth whilst keeping your core completely tight.
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