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CAN'T MISS: This Di-Wheel Stunt Vehicle is bound to drive the world crazy

The future is now and this high-octane video just further confirms it.

This footage gives viewers a glimpse of the "Double Diesel Di-Wheel Stunt Vehicle," which happens to be Ryan Morgan's brainchild.

The vehicle has a compelling structure comprising a car on a car, connected via their roofs, squeezed into a giant wheel, slightly akin to a hamster wheel.

Structure aside, the purpose of this clip is to show that the monstrous vehicle isn't just a showpiece and is fully capable of taking anyone on the ride of a lifetime.

"While I was employed at Sparks Motors and during the filming of the TV show 'Diesel Bothers,' as seen on Discovery Channel, I came up with the idea for this stunt vehicle and was in charge of its building and creation," the filmer shared with WooGlobe. "This video was filmed during functionality testing with myself as the driver."
Location: Woods Cross, Utah, USA

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