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Golden-hearted boy scores a big goal for 'Team Humanity' by rescuing an injured bird

If you ever wonder what is keeping this world going, it's genuine, compassionate people like the one featured in this video.

When UK's Qasim Khan saw a bird struggling with pain on a lake shore, he knew what needed to be done. The bird had a fishing hook stuck in its mouth.

He rushed to the animal in peril's rescue and got right to work.

The task of untangling the mess proved to be anything but easy, but not even for one second did the thought of abandoning the bird cross Qasim's mind.

His amazing act of kindness earned him widespread love on TikTok with some of the comments being:

"From one human being to another, thank you," & "It's amazing that good people still exist. Keep doing good and it will come back to you."

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, the UK
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