BB16: Nimrit पहुंची Finale में, Priyanka, Shiv, Sumbul, Stan का Future, Tina पर इल्जाम! FilmiBeat

  • last year
Bigg Boss 16: Nimrit jumped into Finale week, Astrologer predictions about Priyanka-Ankit, Shiv & Sumbul. In this week, a lot of changes have happened in the Bigg Boss 16 game. Nimrit became first Finalist through Ticket To finale. Housemates Choose Shiv against Nimrit for Ticket to Finale Task. Mandali almost collapsed, Shiv, Nimrit & SUmbul had conflicts. Priyanka, Stan, Shiv became good friends & started talking to each other. Priyanka & Archana became friends again, Tina & Shalin had a big Fight. Tina drags Shalin's Ex Wife in her Fight. Shalin's Overacting took us on Frustrating trip. Shalin & Tina wanted to quit the show. Shalin Blames Tina for everything. Astrologer came and predicted many things about Housemates. Ekta kapoor came in the show to cast one of the BB Contestants for her New Film. Watch All updates of Bb16 only on FilmiBeat. Watch Video to know more

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