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Muqaddar ka Sitara Episode 34 - 21 January 2023 | Pakistani Drama

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Muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 34 | Fatima Effendi | Babar Ali | 21th January 2023

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Muqaddar Ka Sitara | Is Marriage The Solution For Every Problem?
The story starts when Safdar, a Pakistani-American well-settled man, gets his spoiled son married to his friend’s well-educated daughter, Hadiya. Now, Hadiya gets to face difficult times in her life. The drama will also expose the way society behaves in such circumstances.

Written By: Sadia Akhtar

Directed By: Saqib Zafar Khan

Arez Ahmed
Fatima Effendi
Inayat khan
Babar Ali
Nadia Khan
Salma Hassan
Sajeer Uddin
Laiba Khan
Rimsha Ahmed
Shaista Jabeen
Tania Hussain

Timing :
Muqaddar ka Sitara Daily at 7 : 00 PM

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