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Man who pointed his CCTV at a zebra crossing has captured dozens of incidents

A man who pointed his CCTV at a zebra crossing has captured dozens of incidents including vehicles hitting pedestrians, cars swerving round lollipop ladies, road rage - and flytipping.

Richard Habgood installed security cameras outside his home on Portsmouth Road, Bursledon, Hampshire six years ago after a spate of crime.

He has since recorded a series of incidents including patrol staff nearly being hit, school kids and cyclists being struck by cars - and people not picking up their dog mess.

On Friday (January 13), he recorded the driver of a blue Ford Fiesta ignoring a school crossing patrol and colliding with their sign before making off.

Other incidents captured on camera include a schoolgirl being hit by a car on the crossing, a cyclist being struck by a turning car, a woman who failed to pick up her dog’s excrement and fly tipping.

Richard said he installed the cameras on his property following an increase in crime in the local community.

He moved one of the cameras to face the crossing after noting that motorists have near-misses with the school crossing patrols on a near-weekly basis.

In December last year, a woman was crossing the road when she was hit by a van. As she fell to the ground, a second vehicle slowly struck her.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary said it was looking into the incidents and has asked that anyone with information – or dashcam footage – to contact them by calling 101.

Mr Habgood feels his road is full of distractions for motorists – from bus stops to parked cars.

“I think the crossing should be moved. Short-term, they could remove pinch points that are distracting drivers. Drivers look at that hazard rather than the crossing”, he said.

Councillor Nick Adams-King, who is responsible for highways at Hampshire County Council, said: “Our school crossing patroller, who was involved in an incident on Friday, has had an opportunity to discuss the incident with our highways team, and I'm thankful to learn she was not seriously hurt.

"We will be reviewing the incidents ourselves, to consider whether any interventions could be put in place that would improve road safety at this location."

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