Men Used To Troll Me For My Weight | BRAND NEW ME

  • 2 years ago
CARLA, 23, from Melbourne, Australia lost 90lbs in one year after a health scare made her reassess her relationship with food. She told Truly: "I couldn't control myself. I would be eating way too much, I turned to food as a comfort." At 16 years old she lost 55lbs but not in the healthiest of ways, "I was incredibly insecure and I went into the weight loss journey for the wrong reasons," Carla said. "It turned into an eating disorder and then I started putting on the weight after." Then, in 2020 she went in and out of the hospital suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. On one of her visits she "was laying in bed all night saying I need to make this change, I don't want to live like this forever and that was my big turning point." She deleted her fast food apps and began home workouts. At her heaviest, Carla weighed 230lbs and is now 140lbs. Despite the self-acceptance she has found, Carla has still faced prejudice from men about her transformation. "The majority of really rude comments I get are from men," she explained. "Men used to say that I would look prettier if I lost weight." In the video, Carla speaks to one of her best friends about the trolling she's received online from men about her appearance.

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