Amazing weight loss story: Man loses 70 kg in 9 months by ditching Pepsi, eating healthy and exercising

  • last year
A man lost 11 stone in just nine months by ditching his £2k a year Pepsi addiction - and learning to cook healthy meals watching YouTube turtorials.

Taylor Robertson, 27, used to guzzle 12 cans of the fizzy drink everyday - costing £5.35 for a pack - spending £37.45 per week, around £150 each month and £1,947.40 ever year.

At his heaviest, he tipped the scales at 23st 2lbs and was a waist size 46ins, and says he weight piled on due to his alcohol drinking problem.

Taylor found himself drinking everyday, and always waking up with a hangover.

After his fiancé, Hayleigh Cass, 24, had to shake him awake when he stopped breathing in his sleep, Taylor got sober in October 2021 and began to lose a few pounds.

Wanting to "be a better person", Taylor decided to use his new-found spare time to focus on his health and started eating one healthy meal a day instead of fast food and joined the gym.

Now Taylor has dropped to 12st 4lbs and a waist size 32. He is running 5k races and hopes to complete an Ironman challenge this year.