What now for Belichick, Kraft, Mac & the Pats | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast
  • last year
On this episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast w/ Nick Cattles, Greg and Nick put a bow on the entire Patriots regular season. The two discuss what went wrong for New England and how they can begin to fix it during the offseason.

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0:00 Intro

0:20 Patriots postseason meeting with Belichick and Kraft

7:29 Bills' final press conference

12:00 Is Mac the QB of the future?

19:52 The Rooney Rule and its impact on the Pats

23:22 Options at Offensive Coordinator for New England

29:19 Is Jerod Mayo on the way out?

34:30 Bills game discussion

40:00 Where Mac Jones and offense finished up

41:20 Will the defense ever be able to stop Josh Allen?

44:25 Special teams debacle & Cam Achord

47:25 3 up/3 down

49:11 BSJ member question: Did Bill take a shot at ownership over FA spending?