2 months ago

Watch: Tiger Attacks Circus Trainer, Bites His Neck During Live Performance In Italy


In a spine-chilling incident, a tiger attacked a circus trainer during a live performance in the Italian province of Lecce on Thursday night, Metro reported. A video of the incident, which has surfaced on several social media sites, captured the horrifying moment a circus trainer was dragged to the ground by a big cat.
A clip shared on Twitter shows a circus trainer concentrating on another tiger when another tiger pounces on him from behind. As the 31-year-old trainer, identified as Ivan Orfei, screams in pain and struggles to free himself from the tiger's clutches, the huge cat bites into his neck and pierces his teeth. Meanwhile, people in the audience can be heard screaming.

Fortunately, Mr. Orfei escaped the tiger's clutches after his assistant beat the tiger with a table, allowing him to limp away. He was taken to the Vito Fazzi Hospital in Lecce with deep wounds to his neck, leg and arm. Fortunately, he escaped life-threatening injuries and is currently in hospital receiving treatment. Meanwhile, the tiger was isolated after the show to undergo veterinary tests.

After the incident, the circus management released a statement: “The management of the Marina Orfei circus hugs their colleague Ivan Orfei, who was the victim of an accident yesterday in their own Circus Amedeo Orfei in Surbo. Ivan, a highly qualified professional trainer, was attacked by a tiger during the show and thankfully suffered minor injuries and is in no serious condition.

In addition to the prejudices, insults and untruths that are read around, our world is created out of great love for animals, as Ivan himself demonstrates to the audience in his performances. Tigers are fascinating animals and knowing how to tame them and build a trusting relationship with people is an art that has been happening not only in the circus world for hundreds of years. However, accidents can happen and the courage of people like him who do this job is commendable. Ivan wishes to return to the track very soon with his family and animal friends.''