Hilarious Moment Women Ends Up With Green ASDA Logo on Head After Home Dyeing Hair

  • 2 years ago
A mortified mum has ended up an unlikely TikTok star after she used a supermarket bag to speed up her hair dye development time - but ended up with an Asda logo scrawled across her head.

Nikki Mac, 27, from Methil in Fife, was getting ready for a night out with her sister Lisa, 29, when she decided to touch up her roots, smearing dye on her hair before covering it in a plastic bag while waiting for the color to develop.

Hoping for platinum blonde locks, Nikki waited patiently for half an hour - a process she says she's done many times before - but when she removed the bag, the pea-green logo was printed across the crown of her head.

In a hilarious clip of the mishap, posted on TikTok, Nikki, a cleaner, and Lisa are seen weeping tears of laughter as they inspect the unmistakable writing ruining her new look.

The pair decided to head out for the night anyway, with Nikki's hair still bright green as she admits it took 'a a good few washes' for her green-tinged mane to fade.

After Lisa shared the 'cautionary tale' on social media, the video raked in more than 5.3 million views and more than 500,000 likes and comments.

Nikki said: 'It was terrible. This was just before a night out. I saw the green lettering in the mirror. It was a shock.

'I decided to dye my hair and I was meant to be platinum blonde. I was just doing my roots. I usually leave the hair dye on for half an hour. I'd always put a bag on my head before that.

'I took the bag off my head and I saw the Asda sign. I had green hair.

'The chemicals had caused the Asda sign to melt off. The writing was on the inside as well but I didn't know. I just shoved it on my head.

She added: 'I had green hair for ages. There was a green tinge to it when I washed it out. It was like that for a good few washes before it went back to normal.'

Mortified Nikki quickly shouted her older sister who raced into the bathroom, camera poised.

But Lisa soon broke into fits of uncontrollable giggles as she invited Nikki to inspect her unique new 'do' in the mirror.

Nikki said: 'I didn't know what to do so I shouted Lisa. She came in with her camera because she heard me laughing and that's how she caught it on camera.

'Lisa was crying with laughter - she couldn't stop.

'We went on the night out after that with my new hair. It was dark so no one was commenting on it. We told everyone what happened and showed them the video.

'This is a cautionary tale for others. I leave it to develop on its own now.'

After the video went viral on TikTok, one viewer joked she looked like a Christmas tree - while others said the clip made their day.

One user said: 'Just need some tinsel and lights and you're all good to go.'

Another woman said: 'This is funny. She got every bit of the logo.'

Another said: 'That was so much worse than I thought it would be.'

A TikTok user said: 'OMG thank you. I was having such a bad day. This made me laugh.'