How Future Spends $40 Million Dollars Millionaire Lifestyle $$$

  • last year
Future is one of the best rappers working today. He is a regular collaborator, an award winner and a millionaire who earns big stacks of cash each and every year due to his albums. For someone like him, expectations are wild for his purchases. He is not someone who can just be impressive. He has to be next level in pretty much every single aspect of his life. Don’t worry because from top to bottom, Future absolutely lives up to these expectations and then some. Frankly, he may be more impressive for spending this money than he is for making it.

The man’s house certainly looks like a house of the Future in more ways than one. Its interesting boxy white design and perfectly designed interior with wonderful furniture pieces look futuristic, stylish and beautiful. Just what you would expect from him.

He’s also got a car collection that’s just ridiculous. All sports cars left and right that are worth hundreds of thousands. Though there is one luxury brand that’s by far his favorite.

As far as fashion goes, you won’t believe how much money he spends a month or a year on new clothes. He drops millions on the kind of fashion most people couldn’t dream of. For his sneakers, he also spends big money. Not just on himself but his family as well. Then when it comes to his friend and collaborator Drake, the two bought two matching, massively expensive chains.

So what does Future spend his millions on? Only one way to find out!