3 months ago

Elden Ring: Secrets and Hidden Mechanics

From mechanics to locations, entire quests, hidden weapons, bosses, and sometimes just really cool stuff, there are secrets hidden throughout Elden Ring. For example, did you know rain affects your spell damage? Or that you're invincible in Elden Ring for a fraction of a second when you get on your horse? Below, we've got 10 Elden Ring secrets you might have missed. Some are useful, some are just interesting or weird, while a few will likely get a gasp when you realise what you've missed. 

0:00 Elden Ring secrets
0:44 Weather affects your spell damage 
1:09 Lightning attacks that hit water radiate outwards
1:36 Mounting your horse makes you briefly invulnerable
2:04 Big enemies inflict friendly fire damage
2:41 Gold leaves at night improves Rune farming
3:01 Combo attacks stack damage, some more than others
3:20 The Quickstep and Bloodhound's Step Weapon Arts let you clear swamps and lava faster
3:54 The fire-spewing pillars in catacombs can be taken down from a distance
4:20 Rolling through poison swamps makes things so much worse
4:49 You can escape grab attacks faster by mashing the trigger buttons