Opening to VeggieTales: The End of Silliness? - More Really Silly Songs! 2000 VHS

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Tape distributor: Lyrick Studios
Original release date: May 23, 2000
Tape print date: April 10, 2000 (green tape)

This is the only VeggieTales tape I have from Lyrick Studios, best known for Barney, Wishbone, Groundling Marsh, The Wiggles and HIT Entertainment's programming like Bob the Builder, Kipper, and Angelina Ballerina after HIT Entertainment acquired Lyrick Studios on February 9, 2001 for $275 million to release HIT Entertainment's output like Bob the Builder, Kipper, and Angelina Ballerina. After Lyrick Studios and HIT Entertainment released "Barney: Let's Go To The Zoo" on August 28, 2001, Lyrick Studios was folded to HIT Entertainment 3 days later.

Lyrick Studios was the first mass marketer for VeggieTales because the chairman of the company, Richard C. Leach was committed Christian, and the company let the religious tones on the shows remain intact, unlike other distributors Big Idea had asked beforehand.

List of contents:

1.) Lyrick Studios logo (1998-2001, still, with the Distributed By header just like you would find on The Wiggles)
2.) Big Idea Entertainment logo (1997-2006)
3.) King George and the Ducky trailer
4.) FBI/INTERPOL Warning screens
5.) Big Idea Entertainment Presents logo (1998-2006)

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