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British guy shows how a tiny spark could torch a WHOLE Christmas tree *UNREAL!*

Well, if The Undertaker's retirement didn't bring your childhood to an end, this video definitely will!

Watch as Thomas Stephenson exposes a Christmas tree to a small spark, which causes the entire thing to get engulfed in flames.

The scene on display might stun many people, considering how Christmas trees, since no idea how long, have mostly been perceived as these wholesome, harmless items that exist only to light up houses and moods.

"I wanted to highlight the danger of real Christmas trees and how flammable they can be in the home environment," the filmer, Paul Stephenson discussed with WooGlobe. "Hundreds of millions of people put a real tree in their homes during December and there is no real guidance on how to avert disaster.

"This video shows the real danger a spark, ember, or tiny electrical flame can cause. The tree had been in my living room for four weeks prior to this date. I monitored and watered it every day but it still obviously dried out to this extent."

According to the filmer, expert guidance should be offered on how to avoid this potentially catastrophic situation without real trees being seen as something to avoid at Christmas.
Location: Gateshead, UK

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